January 2012

Around The Horn

Around the Horn: Room for Improvement

“Room for improvement” was one of these popular comments I got fro...


DADDY FAN - when a cute girl steals your bed

My body aches.  All the time.  My neck, my back, my rump - all sore...

Obscure Crap

Cynthia Nixon and the Gay Gene

Damn, why did she have to go and say that? In a recent New York...

Obscure Crap

Hipster Disney Princesses

Apparently, this is a big internet meme.... fan artwork of Disney hips...

ai weiwei swag
Chinky or Not Chinky?

Ai Weiwei Sundance Swag

I'm sure our readers are sick and tired of the Sundance blogs, but her...

Wet and Juicy

Blow Job Coupon

I found this in the paper the other day: 20% off isn't THAT gre...


Epic Pic of the Day

Nuff said. Happy Monday, everyone!

Reasons of Love still
Chinky or Not Chinky?

Why I Love China

In honor of Chinese New Years, I recalled back to memories of my last...

Screen shot 2012-01-26 at 9.29.12 PM
Orange Chicken

EDIBLE BYTES: The best boba in Los Angeles is at C...

Sorry, I had to rely on hyperbole to drag you over here, but it worked...

safety not guaranteed
YomYomF Field Trips

YOMYOMF at Sundance: The Best Of Edition

I'm back in LA, enjoying the summer like weather... This year's Sundan...

YomYomF Field Trips

YOMYOMF at Sundance: Once More with Feeling

So in a few hours, the last Offenders standing at Sundance (Justin, El...