July 2011


Japanese Girl Explains the Movies For You

Mika is a Japanese girl. She likes to explain the plots to some of Hol...

Sexy staircase

A little sign for your weekend

I was inspired by Emmie's post yesterday. I took this photo, while goi...


A little sign for your Friday afternoon

I love this photo.  Sam Morrison, the arteest, says, "Originally this...

IMG_0279 (640x480)
Obscure Crap

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window (actually wor...

“Americans spent $11 billion to keep their beloved animals healthy l...

Flavah of the Week

Eggheads Throw Cold Water on the Dreams of Geeks E...

Any of you living with the hope that you will one day be able to trave...

Thai got your heartstrings now.  KDrama no more!
Flavah of the Week

Thai's out drama Korean dramas

Finally, a nation has "out drama'd" Korean dramas.  Credit the Thai's...


I Covered My Wall With Pokémon Cards.

Some of you probably read my blogs and think, "There's no way this guy...

The Itch

How to Pitch a No-Hitter on Acid

I was walking at 3am recently and came face to face with a creature....

Filipino Grandma reads GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP
Obscure Crap

Filipino Grandma reads GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP

This is, by far, the funniest shit I've seen all year. Poor Lola, who...

Picture 1

The Dark Knight Rises – Taiwanese Flavah

My fellow Offenders David and Jerome recently posted about their adven...

Troubled soul singer Amy Winehouse.
Flavah of the Week

A Good Man

I barely had time to begin digesting the details of the story of Ander...