July 2010

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Enjoy Some Bukkake Milk This Weekend

Check out this "interesting" Japanese commercial for Bukkake Milk a.k....

Flavah of the Week

The Burning Question

“Hey spaz, do you eat to live, or live to eat?” Hillary Mal...

**EXCLUSIVE** The cast of "K-town", a new Asian-American reality show, similar to "Jersey Shore", strike a pose or two!!

12 More Things Overheard During The Filming Of The...

I previously blogged about 10 things overheard during the filming of t...

From the Gut

Defiance of a Child of 4.29

K.W. At 82-years-old, K.W. Lee is considered the “Godfather of As...

only use details...
Obscure Crap

Jerome & Inception: a bit of background.

That I love the greatest film ever made is no secret.  And so, as wit...

Flavah of the Week

Hungry for Haiku: NYC moments

plant of the fried sweet- dots doughnut with lavender spa meets suga...

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Obscure Crap

How To Scar A Bear For Life

Due to my paralysis from celebrating hamburger day and the additional...

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Flavah of the Week

Worm Factory

My husband and I have started to try our hand at growing vegetables in...

Flavah of the Week

How I'll be Celebrating National Hamburger Day

Yes, loyal readers, today is National Hamburger Day a.k.a. one of the...

Arty Farty

Trailer Mash-Ups: 'Inception' Flavah

I've been giving my fellow Offender Jerome a hard time for geeking out...

Arty Farty

Warhol Would Smile

Okay, someone needs to tell me flat out: is “Exit Through The Gift S...