January 2010

Short Film Spotlight

Short Film Spotlight: CIVILIZATION (Video Mural)

This edition of the Short Film Spotlight is a bit different. It's not...

Back In The Dayz

E.T. Drinks Home

Who were the ad wizards who came up with this odd piece of movie tie-i...

tea cup
YomYomF Field Trips

Coffee Girl of the Day

This past weekend, YOMYOMF Offenders Phil, Anderson, Emmie and I took...

In Need of Obama Care
From the Gut

In Need of Obama Care

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW0gE124fcA&feature=related (BTW...

Orange Chicken

Paul Newman's Tuna Casserole

Phil’s blog reminded me of a story that A.C. Lyles told at a functio...

5 second rule 2
Orange Chicken

The Science Behind the 5-Second Rule of Dropped Fo...

Most of us are familiar with the 5-second rule, which states that if y...

YomYomF Field Trips

The Vietnamese Coffee Experience

WE'RE LIVE-BLOGGING, BABY! UPDATE: Inspired by Anson's post on Viet...

Wet and Juicy

CALIGULA Director to make 3-D Porn Film

The Hollywood Reporter reports that longtime Italian erotic film direc...

The “Darker” Side of Siskel and Ebert
Arty Farty

The "Darker" Side of Siskel and Ebert

When I was growing up and first falling in love with the movies, I'd t...

Good Thing, Bad Thing

One Good Thing, One Bad Thing

One Good Thing Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cake. My dear friend...

carne asada fries
Around The Horn

Mexican Craving

Being back in the states after a short time away in Asia has been a wi...