November 2009

Lost Causes

How to crash a White House party

It's almost a week since aspiring reality-TV D-baggers Tareq and Micha...

Around The Horn

it Sucks to be Tiger Woods

It sucks to be Tiger Woods. Now I'm sure no one's heart is bleeding...

Which head should I use to decide what kind of smoothie I want?
SAF Seeking...

SAF Seeking.... Respectful Public Nudity

I love being nude in the great outdoors.  We came into this world nud...

A young G N' R play at Madame Wong's
Original Offenders

Original Offenders: Esther Wong

My fellow Offender Alfredo reminded me in his last post of how hot Deb...

Obscure Crap

TMZ + National Enquirer = positive Asian American...

Screw the networks and glossy magazines, the places to go for positive...

Morning runs along Fort Funston, San Francisco, CA
Flavah of the Week

Thanks for Being San Francisco

I know Thanksgiving is over, but I just wanted to say thank you San Fr...

Obscure Crap

Betty White? Are You Serious?!

Back in college, one of my architecture professors, Ralf Weber (a dour...

Arty Farty

Taun Taun Obsession

What's with this blog and Taun Tauns? For all you non-geeks, these wer...

Obscure Crap

Chinese Beauty in Red Coat entices the Interwebs

  I had to write this up in response to Phil's theory that Asi...

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Double Happiness: Menthol Madness

When I was growing up, the solution to any bruise, headache, sprain, a...

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Is the day after Thanksgiving really full of incredible sales?  Or do...