October 2009

From the Gut

She's A Man Eater

Ever since I've been back from Fantastic Fest, I've been itching to tr...

SAF Seeking...

SAF Seeking.... SWM for costume piece

Now if you don't know, I've been dating the white meat since the new m...

The Journey

Sometimes Being Asian In Hollywood Ain’t A Bad T...

I just came back from a pitch meeting (basically this is when you meet...


5 Scariest Movie Villains

Apart from a near-instant compulsion and excuse to candy-hoard (that o...

The Journey

My Week in TV Land

One of the biggest joys in life for me is trying new things. There's...

The Journey

The Movie Business 101: Packaging

This Fall, I started teaching classes at UCLA extension as well as doi...

Around The Horn

Ways of Seeing

And if a day goes by without my doing something related to photography...

Around The Horn

mojo moment?

Back from filming. It was an ambitious, if not crazy schedule of 15...

YomYomF Challenges

The 'Go to" Challenge Winner

After weeks of deliberation, hours of lost sleep, and... Actually I f...

Har Gow
From the Gut

Survival Guide: Dimmers

One of my favorite events when I go and visit home (the bay area) is j...

Original Offenders

Original Offenders: Charles Gemora

Another entry in my month-long celebration of all things Halloween...