Over the past few weeks, two videos have surfaced of people making racial remarks to Asian drivers. One woman can be heard saying “This is my country, this is not a Chinese. Oh my god, Chinese ugly”. The other yells out “Go back to your country, bitch. Bye, China”.

These remarks aren’t particularly refreshing, almost as generic as messages found in fortune cookies. It’s the same type of insults elementary school children conjure up to impress others. The lack of creativity in their racist taunts almost left me disappointed.

What these incidents do illustrate, however, is serve as a reminder of how we are often perceived by the rest of America. James Ahn, a Korean American serviceman dedicated his life to what many consider as the quintessential American duty – defending the freedom of fellow Americans.

A sacrifices and bravery can’t be seen the way that his yellow skin can, so he’s scorned for not being from this country. Would she have said this if Ahn was Caucasian? Would a White person have to justify their worth and belonging in America with acts of valor, or is their white skin and American accent enough?

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  1. Idiot. How stupid and gullible do you have to be to think that Anh defended “the freedom of fellow Americans” by being a military man?