PLEASE NOTE: Some of the images in this post are very graphic and may be triggering. 

This is so sad and shows the issues around young people, extreme violence and bullying. I just want to add a disclaimer, that the video is very graphic and can make you feel quite upset. A video has surfaced and gone viral online in Korea of a 14 year old girl being beaten up so badly for around 1.5 hours that she is almost dead.

To view the video, please click here

She was beaten by 4 of her fellow middle school students with implements such as a chair and a metal pipe used. As they continue to beat her they took photos of what they did and sent it to some of their friends. The poor girl lay on the ground unconscious and almost dead and was only found by a woman who happen to walk by and called the police and the girl was taken to hospital. She was bloodied and had cuts on her scalp and was almost unrecognisable.

2 hours later 2 of the girls who beat her up turned themselves in and said that they beat her up because the girl had bad attitude. The mother of the victim posted on Facebook that this is the second time her daughter was bullied … Korean netizens have written many comments of support and have criticised that Busan police are not doing enough…

This is such a terrible incident and shows how bad bullying can get. We need to start to educate the young about bullying on what it is to be a victim of bullying. In addition, laws all over the world need to change to take school bullying cases like this more seriously and respond quickly. I hope for the recovery for this young girl, but she will always have the emotional scars.


  1. It takes courage to expose bullies and have them prosecuted. Do it